Cecelin Gayle

About Cecelin Gayle

Cecelin Gayle is the matriarch of the Gayle's family and along with her late husband Larrell Joseph Gayle, they raised 7 children which includes the owners of The Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant chain.

Cecelin has always had compassion for those who are in need, thus sharing and caring from within own her home, on the hillside of Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, to all who knocked at her door seeking help. She knows the art of multiplication, ensuring her family is fed and somehow manages to ensure those who are connected to her never go hungry or naked.

The legacy now continues with The Cecelin Gayle Foundation, Inc. a non-profit, 501c3 organization was established January 2023 to further reach communities within the tri-county area of Florida and beyond.  Dreams and visions such as this does will always remain alive.