Our Story

The Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant came into being in 1998 after my friend and l got laid off from our jobs, after being at home for a while, it was mentioned one day while both of us were at home wondering what we were going to do when all of a sudden the idea came to us “why don’t we start cooking and delivering to people we knew?” We started delivering food to one of my sisters, Jean, who is a cosmetologist, my other sisters, and a couple of friends that worked at nursing homes.

During our discussion with our husbands, my husband (Mr. Marshall at the time was working with a drywall company doing framing and installing sheet rock) left and went to the swap shop where he bought a single burner stove and a gas cylinder. He brought it home and made a stand out of metal studs to place the stove on.

He set it up in the back yard and that was how my friend and I started to cook and deliver our food. Things picked up so much we could hardly handle the orders that came in, and then the thought came to mind, why don’t we open a restaurant? So we made the decision to do so.